Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (HSS NZ) is a voluntary non-profit, cultural organisation and a registered charity

The aim of HSSNZ is to provide a common platform for all Hindu's to practice and promote Hindu Dharma and culture. The Swayamsevaks (volunteers) come together in a weekly meeting (Shakha) and learn about two basic foundation values:

- Sewa - (Selfless Service): The thought of giving back to the society and community without any expectation of getting something in return. One of the key aspect of this value is to put others above the self.

- Sanghatan (Coming together): The Unity is a key to success and with team work, achieving a common goal becomes easy.

Sharirik Activities

HSSNZ Sharirik Activities

HSS NZ conducts various Sharirik activities which include Khel(games), Dand, Yoga, Surya Namaskar and many more physical activities.The participants improve their ability to work as a team, improve their stamina and physical strength by taking part and also by themselves conducting these exercises.

Boudhik Activities

HSSNZ Boudhik Activities

HSS NZ conducts baudhik activities which includes lectures, interactive workshops, discussions, songs(geet) and seminars. These activities enhance intellectual development and help the participants to increase cultural awareness and improve their communication skills. All these activities are mainly focused on improvement of one's mental well-being.

HSSNZ Sanghatan Activities

HSSNZ Sanghatan Activities

Apart from regular activities, HSS NZ conducts cultural events and Utsavs time to time which are managed and organised by our volunteers. Along with such activities, regular volunteer activities (SEWA) are conducted with a feeling of 'giving back to the community'. All these activities are organised by our volunteers who step up to learn and practice their organisational skills.